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Online Homeschool Program for High School Students

As a parent, you know that a traditional school is not always a good fit for every student. At ThrivePoint, we are here to support your decision by providing you with access to the tools, resources, curriculum, and support to successfully administer a home school program. Our homeschool program for high school students is designed to build confidence and independence in both parents and students alike. That’s why we offer such robust high school homeschooling curriculum packages for students in grades 9 – 12. We want to see students grow in their ability to think, evaluate, and analyze issues. We want students to be fully prepared for college, the workplace, that next big step in life!

Just like a traditional high school, our home school program built on a textbook foundation, every course is self-teaching, explaining the material clearly and concisely in a step-by-step process. Most parents and homeschool high school students thrive with this independent approach, but for those who need more, our Centers for Learning Excellence are here to support you. With access to certified teachers and support staff, we provide the encouragement and accountability you need to successfully complete a homeschool program.

How Does The ThrivePoint High School Homeschool Program Work?

Although our homeschool high school courses include a lot of material, please remember that learning is not about how much material you cover, it is about the journey. That’s why Thrive Point High School’s high school homeschool programs will encourage your students to think through difficult issues, wrestle with opposing viewpoints, and discuss significant matters. It’s this educational process that will help to prepare your students for their next big step in life.

Our homeschool program includes free curriculum, lesson plans, support groups, and regular socialization activities to help students in grades 9 – 12 successfully complete their educational goals. Parents get more say in their child’s education with one of our teachers being available to meet at least once a month to discuss a student’s progress.

  • Students complete 6 subjects or courses throughout the semester.
  • A credentialed ThrivePoint High School facilitator provides academic support, supplies parents with curriculum, lesson plans, and regularly communicates socialization activities.
  • On a weekly basis, students and families connect with a facilitator who monitors course progress and provides support.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Homeschooling?

As with any aspect of education setting, there will be plenty of ups and downs. It’s important to keep the big picture in mind when you or your student feel overwhelmed and celebrate the successes! Most high school students are ready to be challenged academically and are even able to complete college course work to get ahead. Teens are also able to work independently and make decisions to guide their future.
Generally speaking, we would say the “pros” of homeschooling are specialization, flexibility, control, and efficiency. Without the constraints of a traditional class setting, students are free to focus on topics that motivate or interest them, develop skillsets, and concentrate on educational paths that will leverage their strengths. Some students even get a jump start on the studies required for their desired career while others focus on a college path.

Another pro is flexibility and efficiency. Fact is, life happens. There are a variety of circumstances that make a traditional education program or school unrealistic. In this day in age, students and families need flexibility and that is exactly what a home school program offers! Students can take time when they need to focus more on a subject or accelerate their program for courses that are easier or come more naturally for them. Homeschooling allows students to cut down on that lost time by focusing on essential topics that fit their future goals, whether that’s a specific interest, a potential career path, or a subject a student is struggling with.

The only real “con” to homeschooling comes from a reduced amount of peer to peer socialization. This can be a “pro” or a “con” depending on how you look at it. Fortunately, at ThrivePoint High School, students have the ability to participate in field trips, socials, and visit any of our Centers for Learning Excellence where they have the ability to interact with their peers, connect with certified teachers, and work with our support staff to better understand their course work.

ThrivePoint also offers an online high school program, credit recovery program, independent study program, and special education.