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ThrivePoint High School
Independent Learning Program

Our 100% tuition free Independent Study program provides students and parents a hybrid education model that allows students the flexibility to work at their own pace while still meeting with our certified teachers and student success coaches on a regular basis for one-on-one support. This model was developed for students who don’t necessarily thrive in a traditional education setting. Instead of relying on a teacher to present course material, students set their own learning objectives with our certified teachers and student success coaches who also help guide their work and offers feedback throughout the program. Our independent study offers flexibility to meet individual student needs, interests, and styles of learning!

What Are The Benefits Of An Independent Study Program?

The reasons for pursuing an independent study are personal to each student and family. Some students turn to our Thrive Point High School independent study when they are interested in a subject not offered at a traditional school. Sometimes, students cannot fit a preferred class into their schedule or find that they need to learn at their own pace due to limited timeframes or extenuating circumstances. Whatever the reason for being interested in an independent study, we are here to help!

Our program provides students opportunities to explore their interests deeper and make important decisions about how and where they will direct their talents in the future. Another way to understand independent study is to understand learning from a distance. Independent study is ideal for those who have children, health issues, intense work schedules, or gifted academic ability. Often students with high scholastic standing are encouraged to take independent studies to try to learn without attendance in a traditional class.

ThrivePoint also offers an online high school program, credit recovery program, independent study program, and summer school program..

How Does The Thrive Point High School Independent Study Program Work?

At ThrivePoint High School, we believe in setting students up for success! Which is why provide a personalized enrollment process, support from certified teachers and staff, and student success coaches! Together, we work with students and parents to create a program that works for them! For our Independent Study program, here is the basic outline:

  • Our enrollment team assign 2 classes for students to complete every 6 weeks. As the paths are design to fit individual needs, more classes can be added to the schedule as desired.
  • Students’ complete coursework online, or coursework can be made available at one of our Centers for Learning Excellence.
  • Teachers meet face to face with students twice a week for a minimum of 1 hour to provide guidance and support.
  • Teachers remain in frequent contact with families and students to support learning, answer questions, and keep everyone informed.