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Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Child Attend The Program Part-Time Or During The Summer?

YES, of course!

How Do I Sign Up For Courses Under The Part-Time Program?

ThrivePointhighschool.com or call (602) 769-3036

What Are The Costs For The Part-Time Program?

Like all ThrivePoint High School courses, we offer part-time learning 100% FREE

Can I Attend ThrivePoint On A Full Or Part-Time Basis?

YES! We fit all types of schedules and needs.

What Is A Part-Time Student In High School?

Instead of taking 2 courses at a time, students who attend ThrivePoint High School part-time take only 1 class every 6 weeks.

What Types Of Online Courses Do You Offer?

ThrivePoint High School offers all core courses and many various electives like Game Design, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, and even one on the Exploration of the Lord of the Rings films and Their Literary Influences. We also have Summer School courses available online.

How Many Weeks Do Online Classes Run?

ThrivePoint online courses run for 6 weeks at a time.

How Do I Register And Pay For Summer School Courses?

You can register and pay for your ThrivePoint High School Summer School Course on our website.

Who Is Eligible To Attend In-Person Learning Courses?

All you need to do is apply with a parent or guardian and complete the enrollment. All Arizona high school residents are able to apply.

Is Thrive Point High School An Accredited School?

Yes! ThrivePoint High School is COGNIA Accredited.

Can You Do Online School During The Summer?

Yes, with ThrivePoint High School Online, there are no specific times. Students’ schedules are self-paced with a minimum requirement of 25 hours a week.