Follow your path.


For students that break the mold, ThrivePoint High School frees you to create your own path.

  • Flexibility You Control
  • Teaching Personalized To You
  • Reach Your Goals Faster
  • Preparation Beyond Graduation
  • High-Quality Education

Different students with unique needs
come through our doors

attentive students at ThrivePoint

Advanced Learners


College & Career Focused

Needing Support

Alternative Schedule

Family Obligations

Here to help you succeed

Free Classes

Variety of free classes to help you get a headstart on your career or college

Personal Tutoring

Flexible learning options, one-on-one teaching, and personal tutoring

online & offline schooling

Hybrid of online and brick and mortar locations give you options for support

Flexible learning

Self-set pace and flexible learning gives you more time for personal interests

pace learning

Instill confidence and overcome obstacles to accomplish the impossible

time management

Navigate and reach your goals while avoiding typical high school drama

group setting learning online

My place. My way. I thrive.

You were born to stand out—ThrivePoint High School will help you recognize your strengths and get you where you want to be with free high school courses and personalized learning plans.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide to students a choice in completing their high school education by providing a structured learning environment with personalized education plans including computer based courses and mastery based instruction and awarding a diploma upon fulfilling graduation requirements. We serve as an alternative high school providing credit recovery for students with poor academic standing, adjudicated youth, pregnant/parenting students, dropout students, behind in credits, and students with behavioral issues.

Thrivepoint’s Anti-Bullying Policy