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Independent High School Programs in Tucson AZ

Students in high school have different learning styles and various needs when it comes to academics. Students may prefer working from home, having a flexible schedule, and setting their own schedule for the academic day to complete assignments and online lessons. Gifted students appreciate the ability to progress through courses at a faster pace, allowing them to graduate earlier and move on to their next educational or career choice.

Yet other students in the Tucson, AZ, area find that working from home on a curriculum designed to spark their interest and curiosity helps them engage more effectively in the content. Regardless of the reason or learning requirements, ThrivePoint High School provides an independent learning program designed to help students with academic success.

We are a leader in the state, recognized for providing independent schools for students with learning disabilities. With two courses per six-week block, students are able to work through concepts at their own pace without feeling the stress and pressure of multiple courses in traditional high school settings. Our teachers and student success coaches help these students and their parents develop a program that works for the student’s interests, aptitudes, and academic abilities.

Our independent high school is 100% free for students throughout Arizona. Students work closely with teachers to create an online independent study program that allows them to graduate and earn a high school diploma. The customized virtual independent study option allows students to set their own learning objects and master concepts and content based on their areas of interest.

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Teacher Support Through the Independent High School

Students attending the ThrivePoint High School independent education program work collaboratively with our certified teaching staff and our student success coaches. This ensures the student’s curriculum meets the requirements of the Arizona Department of Education for graduation.

During all free independent study courses, students meet two times a week for a minimum of one hour to review courses, provide feedback, and assist the student with the course material. Families and students also meet with our student success coaches to answer questions and provide support throughout their studies. This is part of the program, and these sessions with teachers and coaches are invaluable in assisting students in mastering the concepts and addressing any challenges or problems in coursework completion.

Students can choose to complete independent online study courses completely online, or they can access the curriculum at one of our Centers For Learning Excellence. These Centers are available to all our students for personalized, face-to-face support and assistance.

Parents and students who find the traditional high school education model is not working for them should consider the option of independent study at ThrivePoint High School. Providing students with flexibility, freedom, and a self-paced program is instrumental in helping these students to earn their high school degree through their own personalized curriculum.

For more information on the independent education program available through ThrivePoint High School, contact us today at (602) 769-3036.

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Create your own path in an environment that allows you to set the pace, the schedule, and the way you learn to earn your high school diploma.