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How Does High School Credit Recovery Work?

How Does High School Credit Recovery Work?

Dec 27, 2022 | Career and College-Readiness

ThrivePoint High School is a fully accredited online high school offering unique credit recovery options, helping students earn the credits they need to graduate, but what is credit recovery in high school, and how does it work?

What is Credit Recovery in High School?

Credit recovery is the process of making up missed credits to earn a high school diploma. There are many reasons why a student might need to enter into a credit recovery program. Maybe they transferred schools and lost credits in the process. Maybe they took a semester off for personal reasons. Or maybe they simply failed a class. Whatever the reason, credit recovery programs provide students with the opportunity to make up lost credits and get back on track for graduation.

How Does Credit Recovery Work in High School?

So, how does credit recovery work in high school? At ThrivePoint High School, our credit recovery program is 100% online. That means students can complete their coursework from anywhere, at any time of day that works for them. We understand that students have busy lives, so our flexible learning model makes it easy for them to fit their schooling into their schedules.

High School Credit Recovery for Adults

Not all credit recovery programs are geared toward traditional high school students. At ThrivePoint High School, we offer a unique program including options for high school credit recovery for adults who want to finish their education and earn their diplomas.

How Long is Credit Recovery in High School?

The length of time it takes to complete a credit recovery program depends on a few different factors, including how many credits a student needs to recover and how quickly they need to complete their coursework.

If you want to know how to get high school credits fast, we offer two different enrollment options for our credit recovery program: semester-long courses and individual courses. Semester-long courses follow the traditional school calendar (with start and end dates), while individual courses can be started and completed at any time throughout the year.

What is a Credit Recovery Class?

A credit recovery class is simply a class that has been designed specifically for students who need to recover lost credits to graduate from high school. How do credit recovery classes work? These classes cover all of the same material as regular classes, but they are offered in an accelerated format so that students can earn their credits as quickly as possible. Contact us for more information at (602) 769-3036.