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The Advantages Of ThrivePoint High School Homeschool Learning Programs in Yuma, AZ

An increasing number of students and parents are moving from traditional classroom-based high school courses to taking advantage of the free homeschool programs for high school students offered at ThrivePoint High School.

Our virtual homeschool courses ensure students meet all the requirements to receive a high school diploma upon graduation from ThrivePoint High School, just the same as a student attending any in-person high school in the Yuma, AZ, area or across the state. Our core curriculum and elective courses are taught in six-week modules, with students taking two courses per six-week block. This intensive immersion in the subject material is ideal for gifted kids, average students, and those students who may find academics challenging.

Students and parents find this approach to the home school curriculum for high school makes learning easy and interesting. While the core curriculum is the same for all, the electives can be selected to support the future career goals of our students or to help them to discover more about their areas of interest.

Homeschool Learning

The Format of our Accredited High School Homeschool Programs

The online homeschool for gifted students and our homeschool courses for those with learning disabilities are self-paced, allowing students to find the learning approach and pacing that works for their needs. Throughout the program, students are supported through textbook learning and self-teaching courses, providing the greatest independence for students and their parents.

At the same time, our homeschool learning programs are fully supported by our exceptional teaching staff. Each student and family is assigned a credentialed ThrivePoint High School facilitator. The facilitator provides help for the student and parents, academic support, and lesson plans, and also shares socialization activities offered by ThrivePoint High School. Students are encouraged to interact with other students at these events and meet new friends, which is an important part of the high school experience.

Homeschooling for 9th Graders and Beyond

ThrivePoint High School provides homeschool programs for high schoolers in grades nine through twelve. Many of our students join us in grade nine, but we enroll students throughout the high school years.

Students starting 9th-grade online homeschool often need more parental support to navigate the freedom of studying at home. Typically, by 10th-grade online homeschool, students have developed a strong foundation of self-discipline and motivation to work independently through their courses.

Throughout all years, including for 11th-grade online homeschool and 12th-grade online homeschool, students can drop into one of our Centers for Excellence in and around Yuma, AZ. This is the place to work one-on-one with our exceptional faculty and support staff.

As part of ThrivePoint High School activities, we provide socialization events, field trips, and academic study groups for students throughout their high school years. This is an advantage we offer over other homeschooling programs where families and students often feel isolated from others in the community. Socialization through ThrivePoint High School is instrumental in supporting students and parents up to graduation.

For more information on our free homeschool programs for high school students, call ThrivePoint High School today at (602) 769-3036.

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