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Hitting the Ground Running

Hitting the Ground Running

Oct 20, 2021 | Career and College-Readiness

Welcome to ThrivePoint High School Union Hills!!! It has been an exciting start to the school year! Students are logging in more than before as well as showing up in person, and between the amazing culture and a “Dad Jokes” or Two from Mr. Bob there is never a dull moment on this small intimate campus located on the corner of 35th ave and Union Hills.

Month one started off with the introduction of new Learning Center Coordinator Mr. U, administrative assistant Ms. Martinez, and Student Success Coach Mr. Bob. From there it didn’t take much time for the campus to create a culture and identity that promotes independence, individuality, and inclusiveness. From our morning huddles we conduct as a campus to allowing the students to decorate and design our campus halls we have made this campus our own.

The first campus event we had was our “Welcome Back Bash”. An event filled with food, raffles, games and EVEN A DJ. The best part of the event we had multiple vendors providing resources to our students for post-secondary opportunities as well as workforce opportunities rounding off with our armed forces. It was night of pizza full of bellies and minds filled with options.

This is just the beginning of the year, but union hills is hitting the ground running and it doesn’t look like it will stop. As we gear up for holidays we look forward to continue to build, grow, and service our campus and community!