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Online Summer Credit Recovery Programs in Kingman, AZ

Throughout the high school years, students may find they are not able to meet the requirements to pass a particular course. When this happens and based on the progressive educational model used by a traditional high school, students may find they are not eligible to graduate with their class or have to repeat the course and end up being held back.

This is frustrating for the student and the parents, and it is a leading cause of students dropping out of high school and not earning their diplomas. This, in turn, can result in decreased opportunities for future employment and other potentially challenging long-term impacts.

ThrivePoint High School recognizes this issue and offers students in Kingman, AZ, and around the state the opportunity to take free credit recovery classes online. As these programs are delivered 100% online, students can reside anywhere in the state and still complete the credit recovery curriculum to earn their high school credits.

Credit Recovery Programs

Taking Online Classes for High School Credit

Students can learn from anywhere as these courses are delivered online. They are also self-paced, which means students can move through the curriculum as quickly as they want or take the time they need to complete the free online credit recovery classes. Courses build on information, starting with the basics and moving to more advanced concepts and

Each of the courses through our virtual credit recovery school is designed to be completed in six weeks. Students can take two courses in each six-week block of time, but if the courses are completed at a more rapid pace, additional courses can be added. Throughout our credit recovery courses, students have one-on-one support and options to work with a student success coach and one of our ThrivePoint High School certified teachers.

100% Online Credit Recovery Courses

The ThrivePoint High School credit recovery curriculum is student-friendly and includes all core courses and electives. We also offer career preparation and college courses to fit the credit and course requirements of our students. This is an ideal option for high school credit for recovery for adults needing their diplomas to advance their careers or to move forward with their education.

Our online credit recovery programs for high school students are available for students and young adults up to their 22nd birthday. These are free summer credit recovery programs, which do not cost our students anything to complete. Our accredited online high school programs can be used towards your high school diploma throughout the state of Arizona or to complete a grade to advance to the next high school grade level.

ThrivePoint High School makes earning an accredited high school diploma online for free a simple and easy process for our students and families. Taking one or more summer credit recovery programs can help students graduate on time and with their classes.

If you are interested in learning more about credit recovery high schools near me and you are in the Kingman, AZ, area, call our enrollment specialists at 602-769-3036.

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