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Free Credit Recovery Classes Online For Students In Bullhead City, AZ

Any student can find themselves struggling to complete the required number of credits to graduate from their high school in Bullhead City, AZ. Sometimes health issues, family matters, or difficulties with academic subjects can cause students to fall behind. Students who do not complete the required core and elective courses may be forced to repeat the courses and delay their graduation.

Unfortunately, this is a significant factor in higher dropout rates across the state and around the country. To help students who need to earn the required credits for graduation, ThrivePoint High School offers free credit recovery classes that are completed online. These 100% virtual classes are ideal for any student who has not graduated from high school and is younger than 22 years of age.

Credit Recovery Programs

Taking Free Credit Recovery Classes Online

ThrivePoint High School makes it easy for students to register for our online credit recovery programs for high school students. Students can take the required core and elective programs they require and earn an accredited high school diploma online for free. These courses are not the same as summer school, and they are offered throughout the year. It is possible for a student to take our credit recovery courses and also complete other high school programs through our dual enrollment option.

Our credit recovery curriculum consists of six-week learning periods. During this six-week period of time, students take up to two core or elective courses. Although they are online credit recovery courses, students have the full support of our certified teachers, who are available through text, phone, and virtual chat to assist students with problems or challenges in completing the material.

Each of our online classes for high school credit provides 0.5 credits. With each six-week learning period, students can earn up to one credit. Students also have the option to move more rapidly through the courses, allowing us to schedule the next six-week period in a shorter timeframe, helping students to plan when they have enough credits to enter the next school year or graduate with their peers.

ThrivePoint High School virtual credit recovery school is designed to help students throughout the year. We also offer summer credit recovery programs and our summer school program, both of which are options for students and families in and around Bullhead City, AZ. Many students use both options to accelerate their high school curriculum, graduate early, and move into their future academic or career path.

In addition to providing accredited high school recovery programs for current students, we also offer high school credit recovery for adults up to their 22nd birthday. This is a convenient and practical way for adults to earn the high school credits they need to earn their high school diploma.

When you need to find the best credit recovery high schools near me in Arizona, call on the enrollment specialists at ThrivePoint High School. For more information on our credit recovery courses, contact us at 602-769-3036.

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