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Why ThrivePoint Avondale

Why ThrivePoint Avondale

Nov 22, 2021 | Career and College-Readiness

Thrive Point High School is a fully accredited high school with 100% free, online classes or six physical campuses that offer one on one support from your teachers and the flexibility to work at your own pace. The Avondale campus is one of our 6 locations, and is centrally-located in the West Valley, right off the I-10 freeway & Dysart Rd. Our Avondale Center For Learning Excellence provides students with a traditional classroom setting for those who wish to attend a more traditional school. By providing students and parents with a physical location they can go to for support, we find that students are more successful and better prepared for their next big step.

Our Student Success Coaches play a critical role in student participation and engagement. Ms. Gina and Ms. Yazmin (our current success coaches) coupled with Ms. G (our front desk administrator) all strive to communicate, push, encourage, guide, lift up, and celebrate our students on a regular basis. Heck we even let the online students come to our campus occasionally for support. Their entire role is based around supporting students as they navigate lessons and courses tailored to ensure academic success.

At Thrive Point Avondale, our students mean the world to us, we’re like family – some super close, like our sons and daughters, and others like distant cousins or nephews and nieces LOL – but family nonetheless. At Thrive Point Avondale we provide the same education to any and all of our students no matter what, because without our students, there is no Thrive Point Avondale!