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So, we just completed our “One More Thing” challenge…

So, we just completed our “One More Thing” challenge…

Nov 22, 2021 | Career and College-Readiness

And I have to say the response was interesting and encouraging.  We asked each student to do just one thing more this week than they did last week.  They could complete one more activity, work one additional hour, or participate in one more meet up with the Online Team than they did the previous week.  Nearly half of our students took up the challenge!

It seems that we all get caught up looking at a long “to do” list and find it so daunting that we get unmotivated.  That’s really what we hear the most from our students; “I can’t get motivated.”  

Even as adults, we wait for the first day of summer to get into “swimsuit shape”.  And we really do intend to organize the garage one day or learn to play the guitar.

The question is, do we need to get motivated or just get the task completed?  And what happens if we don’t get everything done?  Instead of worrying about completing everything, what if you just take one extra step?  

What could you accomplish if you completed just one extra task?  One extra step every day.  Over a year, that adds up to an additional 365 tasks you would complete.

“Just one extra task each day can make all the difference.” 

Even a small task each day can accomplish big things…

Do One Extra Task Each and Every Day

Before you finish your day, look at your list and do just one more task.

It can be something simple. It may only take a few moments of your time.

But, that one extra task… each and every day …can make all the difference.

Question: What one extra task will you do today?