There’s never been a better time to learn smarter. Thrivepoint High School offers a solution for modern-day students in partnership with West MEC College giving you the ability to choose to learn and attend college classes while still in high school. Thrivepoint High School provides an advanced education program that will empower you to make the best decision for you when it comes to your education and career. You can’t miss out on this opportunity!


ACT Prep has become very important in Arizona. AZ’s state-mandated test for high school juniors is the ACT. It is important to prepare students for that test in high school..

ThrivePoint has developed a course that prepares students for the ACT. The course is based on a publication from ACT. We are committed to helping our students be well prepared for their state-mandated test and post-secondary education.

Most of the colleges and universities in Arizona don’t require the ACT nor the SAT. Arizona community colleges, where many students start their post-secondary education, do not require ACT or SAT scores.

SAT prep is not necessary in Arizona. In fact, colleges and universities nationwide are moving away from these college entrance exams. They are considering other aspects of a student’s qualifications like academic success in high school, GPA; involvement in extracurricular activities such as sports, fine arts, other clubs; community involvement; and perhaps a writing sample in which students write about themselves, their future plans, and why the educational institution would be a good fit for them.

ThrivePoint allows students to pursue their interests beyond academics and offers credit for involvement in the wider community. ThrivePoint students explore community involvement in the signature ThrivePoint Vibe class.

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As a ThrivePoint High School student, you strive for the highest quality of education in Arizona. We help you do this through top notch instructors as well as an engaging curriculum.

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