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Complete Free Independent Study Courses At ThrivePoint High School

There are many different options for students in the Flagstaff, AZ, area when it comes to completing their high school diploma. Students can choose to complete free independent study courses from ninth grade to graduation, allowing them to customize their education while still meeting all requirements set forth by the Arizona Department of Education for graduation.

ThrivePoint High School offers a 100% tuition-free option for students through our independent high school courses. These courses include both core and elective courses that are appealing, interesting, and helpful to students based on their chosen academic or career path. Students work with our certified teachers to create a curriculum, set learning objectives, and work through our online courses.

Independent Learning

How the Independent Learning Program Works

Students and families with an interest in our online independent learning program will work closely with a student success coach and a certified teacher throughout their program of study. This collaboration is critical in planning a program of study that meets the requirements for an Arizona high school diploma.

We work closely with the student to choose the correct online independent study program to address their specific learning goals and needs. For some students, this means an accelerated pace of study, allowing gifted students to graduate early or to take advanced college prep or career preparation courses.

ThrivePoint High School is also a leader in independent schools for students with learning disabilities. Our teachers and student success coaches support our students, providing online and on-campus tutorials, answers to questions, and assistance in structuring the program.

During the time the student is completing the virtual independent study, they meet with our teachers one-on-one for at least one hour two times per week. This ensures that students stay on track and master the concepts of each subject. This is also a time for the student to ask questions and interact with the teacher to celebrate success and academic progress.

Students will complete two subjects every six weeks. In some cases, and if the student is focused on accelerated completion of the program, additional courses can be considered. Students can choose from a wide range of courses and topics, many of which are not offered in other high schools throughout the Flagstaff, AZ, area.

Our independent study programs are offered throughout the traditional school year. Students in these programs can complete summer school courses to graduate earlier than possible with a traditional school model.

Parent Involvement

Our certified teachers and student success coaches are also here to help the parents with the independent educational program. We answer questions, provide information on academic progress, and help parents to support their child’s learning.

While most of our students and families prefer the 100% online delivery of programs through the independent learning school, we also offer hard copies of coursework. Students and families can access the coursework at any of our five campuses across the state.

For more information on how the ThrivePoint High School independent high school operates, reach out to our team at 602-769-3036.

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