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Free Homeschool Programs For High School Students in Flagstaff, AZ

Homeschool learning programs are increasingly popular for students at the high school level throughout Flagstaff, AZ. Some students and families choose homeschool programs for high schoolers due to the challenges for the student in attending traditional school settings. These types of challenges can include having a child, health issues, working, or needing more time to master concepts.

Other students also benefit from having the ability to complete 9th-grade online homeschool through to 12th-grade online homeschool on their own schedule. ThrivePoint High School’s free homeschool programs for high school students allow for self-paced study throughout the day, with students completing two courses every six weeks. Limiting the number of subjects combined with flexible academic days makes it convenient for students at the high school level to have control over their educational progress.

Homeschool Learning

Homeschooling for 9th Graders to Graduation

Our home school curriculum for high school students is designed to challenge students to master basic to advanced concepts in each subject area. Students will use a textbook to learn concepts and use online tools and resources to build confidence in the practical applications of the information taught in each subject area. The courses are designed to start with the introductory material and build on this foundation to support effective student learning.

Parents and students have access to lesson plans, support groups, and a range of different services and options. This includes the option for students to attend one of our Centers for Learning Excellence for one-on-one support, assistance, and the ability to connect and interact with staff and other students. We know that assistance from our compassionate, experienced teachers helps students to stay motivated and avoid frustration throughout their academic journey. Student success coaches also help students with all aspects of their program and ensure they take the courses needed for their future goals.

Our certified teachers are available to meet with parents of homeschooled children on a monthly basis, with contact information for questions and answers about daily learning activities made available. Our teachers and student success coaches are invaluable resources for both parents and students throughout the duration of our virtual homeschool courses.

All our accredited high school homeschool programs meet or exceed the requirements of the Arizona Department of Education. They are designed to prepare students for their future academic and career goals. For some students completing grade 9, grade 10 online homeschool, or grade 11 online homeschool, this may include a return to a traditional classroom or continuing with virtual education.

Whether your child needs more time to complete coursework on a self-paced schedule or if you are looking for an online homeschool for gifted students in the Flagstaff, AZ, area, ThrivePoint High School offers support and assistance. This is also a very practical option for young adults before their 22nd birthday to complete their high school degree online while still continuing to work, take care of children, or meet other scheduling issues.

To find out more about the ThrivePoint High School virtual homeschool courses and programs, call us today at 602-769-3036.

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