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ThrivePoint High School Summer Credit Recovery Programs in Yuma, AZ

High school students can find they struggle to complete the required courses. In some cases, students may fall behind in their academics due to days missed from illness or issues within the family. In other cases, students may struggle to master the subject material or fail to complete the necessary assignments to complete the course.

Arizona requires all high school students complete specific courses to graduate from any high school in Yuma, AZ, and across the state. When students fail to complete coursework or fail the course, they have to try to make it up to graduate with their peers. This can be extremely difficult for students as it requires not only additional studies but finding time in the traditional academic scheduling and structure to repeat these courses while also keeping up with current studies.

Credit Recovery Programs

Free Online Credit Recovery Classes

ThrivePoint High School offers summer credit recovery programs that are ideal for students facing this type of challenge. Our programs are designed to allow students to complete free credit recovery classes online in just six weeks per class.

All our accredited online high school programs are available through our independent study platform. Students can choose their own hours to study and can also study from anywhere with an internet connection, making it a practical solution throughout Yuma, AZ, and the surrounding areas.

We offer a core curriculum as well as elective programs in our online credit recovery courses. Students can choose two courses per six weeks, or we can accommodate more courses based on the needs of the student. We also offer free high school credit recovery for adults up to the age of 22, which is ideal for those who want to earn their high school diploma and continue to work.

ThrivePoint High School makes it easy to obtain an accredited high school diploma online for free. These courses are available throughout the academic year and not just over the summer break. Many of our students do take our online credit recovery courses throughout the year to provide some free time in the summer.

The Advantages of Our Online Credit Recovery Program for High School Students

The ThrivePoint High School virtual credit recovery school offers increased flexibility and access to both exceptional self-study courses as well as highly qualified educators.

Our students receive 1:1 academic support from qualified teachers, and we also provide student success coaches to help both students and parents with planning, scheduling, and staying motivated throughout the programs.

Students can reach their teachers and success coach through online messages, text messages, or phone calls. We provide convenient video chat sessions or free tutoring to help students with challenging course materials. Our credit recovery curriculum meets all requirements of the State of Arizona, and each of our six-week credit recovery courses earns students .5 credits.

If you are in the Yuma, AZ, area and are looking for credit recovery high schools near me, look no further than ThrivePoint High School. For more information on our online classes for high school credit, give us a call at (602) 769-3036..

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