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Summer Credit Recovery Courses For High School Students in Tucson AZ

Students attending grades nine through twelve must complete a specific number of courses that are both core and elective. When students in Tucson, AZ, have issues during the school year, they may fall behind in coursework or fail to pass the exams. Other issues, such as missing school due to health reasons or other factors, can also negatively impact the opportunity for that student to graduate high school with their peers and within the three-year period.

ThrivePoint High School offers free credit recovery classes online throughout the year. Unlike summer school, our online credit recovery courses can be completed within the academic year, allowing students to make up and complete required core and elective courses to stay on track for graduation.

Credit Recovery Programs

The Benefit of Online Credit Recovery Programs for High school Students

Students looking for credit recovery high schools near me in the Tucson, AZ, area need to keep in mind that these courses are completed 100% online, so there is no need to be close to a campus or to attend any in-person teaching sessions.

At ThrivePoint High School, we deliver our academic year and summer credit recovery programs in a six-week learning period. Students have the option to complete two courses per week, with the option to set their own pace and complete courses earlier if applicable.

These accredited online high school programs provide 0.5 credits per course, which means students can earn one credit every six weeks if they complete two classes. This allows students throughout the state to earn an accredited high school diploma online for free if they only need a few additional credits.

ThrivePoint High School online classes for high school credit include the core subjects of math, language arts, sciences, and social studies as well as an extensive number of elective classes. When students enroll in our virtual credit recovery school, they can review the course options and consider the best combination of core and elective courses to fulfill their credit requirements. Our staff is also here to help students understand which free online recovery classes are required to complete their grade level and have the necessary credits for graduation.

The tuition-free high school credit recovery for adults is open to people less than 22 years of age. This includes young adults who may only require a few credits to earn their high school diploma but are not currently in a high school program.

In addition to our accredited, 100% online credit recovery curriculum, we also provide our students with several additional services. Students can reach out to our certified teachers for free tutoring or get answers to questions about the course materials, content, or assignments. Each student also has a student success coach who works with students throughout their online course to help address any challenges or provide the necessary support for the student.

For more information on our summer credit recovery programs or the year-round virtual credit recovery school courses, call us today at (602) 769-3036.

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