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The Best In Credit Recovery High Schools in Flagstaff, AZ

Students attending traditional high schools in Flagstaff, AZ, or across the state often find they struggle with one or more academic subjects. This can result in the student failing to complete the required coursework on not obtaining a high enough grade to pass the course. Often students become overwhelmed when these things happen, which leads to higher dropout rates and limits opportunities for the future if the student does not graduate from high school.

While most high schools provide a summer school option, this is not always convenient for students, parents, and families. It can be even more difficult to make up courses and credits if the student is missing several courses. This can occur for several reasons, including attendance problems, illness, or work and other obligations the student may have during the school year.

Credit Recovery Programs

Summer Credit Recovery Programs

ThrivePoint High School offers online credit recovery programs for high school students in Flagstaff, AZ, and throughout Arizona. These are 100% free credit recovery classes online that run throughout the school year as well as over the summer months. This provides the most flexibility for students, with the option to take up to 2 courses every learning period. Learning periods are six weeks in length, with the option for students to complete the work earlier or take their time moving through the content.

Our accredited online high school programs offered through the credit recovery classes meet all Arizona Department of Education requirements, allowing students to use these courses are part of the graduation requirements. Each course in our credit recovery curriculum provides 0.5 credits, which means that in six weeks of self-paced study, students can earn a full credit towards the 22 credits required for graduation by the state of Arizona.

The virtual credit recovery school is available to any student or young person under the age of 22 who has not graduated from high school. Our free online credit recovery courses are 100% online, and students can complete them from anywhere they have online access. This means students across the state are not limited to finding credit recovery high schools near me. They can enroll in ThrivePoint High School online classes for high school credit and begin earning their required credits at any time of the year.

We make it easy to complete high school credit recovery for adults before their 22nd birthday. We understand many of these young adults have only a few credits to earn their high school diploma, which provides them with more career and wage-earning opportunities. Earning your accredited high school diploma online for free is also instrumental in pursuing vocational, career, and educational opportunities now and in the future.

Parents and students concerned about catching up on missing credits to graduate on the schedule should contact the enrollment staff at ThrivePoint High School. We can discuss your credit needs and help you choose the core or elective programs required to meet the requirements for a diploma. For more information, call us today at 602-769-3036.

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