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Freedom so you can take care of school and other interests

Searching for high schools near me can leave you feeling overwhelmed with the choices and trying to pick the best one. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a high school outside of your assigned district, ThrivePoint High School is an excellent choice. As an accredited online high school in Buckeye, AZ, students have more flexibility with their scheduling, whether they hold a job outside of school or have other obligations. Our teachers give every student the one-on-one attention they need to succeed in school and beyond. We even offer summer school classes for students who need a little extra help.

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An Excellent Alternative Option

Not every student succeeds in a traditional high school environment. That’s why more people are turning to online high schools in Buckeye, AZ. At our school, we offer the core courses your child needs and a large selection of electives to help them build their path to their life after high school graduation, whether they intend to go to college or enter the workforce. Our primary focus is on providing children with a solid educational foundation that will prepare them for success in their adult years. With one-on-one attention and a more flexible schedule, we set your student up for success.

An Accredited High School

One of the biggest concerns when searching for high schools near me is making sure you choose an accredited school. With our accredited online high school in Buckeye, AZ, your child will get the quality education they deserve from teachers who care about their success. With all the classes to choose from, your child can tailor a customized education path that will lead them toward their goals in life. We work hard to ensure every child has the necessary support to give them the best start in their adult life.

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Accredited Online High School Near Me in Buckeye, AZ

  • 6 week online high school courses
  • Only 4 hours a day
  • Flexible accredited course options to fit your needs
  • Enrolling every week
  • One-on-One support available at Arizona high school campuses

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Part-Time High School

Create your own path in an environment that allows you to set the pace, the schedule, and the way you learn to earn your high school diploma.