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7 Tips To Keep Students On Track In Summer School

7 Tips To Keep Students On Track In Summer School

Mar 8, 2023 | Career and College-Readiness

Summer school is an excellent opportunity for students to catch up or get ahead in their studies. However, keeping students on track during this period can be a challenge for educators. At ThrivePoint High School, we are committed to providing students with the resources and support they need to succeed in summer school. Here are seven tips to keep students on track in summer school:

1. Establish clear expectations

Before the start of summer school, set clear expectations for students. This includes outlining course requirements, deadlines, and attendance policies. When students know what is expected of them, they are more likely to stay on track. At ThrivePoint High School, we provide students with a comprehensive course syllabus that outlines all of the expectations and requirements for the summer school program.

2. Provide a structured schedule

Summer can be a time for relaxation and leisure activities, but it is important to maintain structure during summer school. Establish a daily schedule that includes designated times for instruction, assignments, and breaks. A structured schedule can help students stay organized and focused. At ThrivePoint High School, we provide a structured schedule that balances classroom instruction with independent study time.

3. Use interactive teaching methods

Interactive teaching methods such as group discussions and hands-on activities can help students stay engaged and interested in the subject matter. These methods also encourage collaboration and communication among students. At ThrivePoint High School, our teachers use a variety of interactive teaching methods to keep students engaged and motivated.

4. Provide frequent feedback

Regular feedback is crucial to student success. Provide frequent feedback on assignments and assessments, and offer suggestions for improvement. Positive feedback can also be motivating for students and encourage them to continue working hard. At ThrivePoint High School, our teachers provide ongoing feedback to students to help them improve their academic performance.

5. Offer additional support

Some students may require additional support during summer school. Offer extra help sessions or tutoring services to students who need them. This can help prevent students from falling behind and ensure that they stay on track. At ThrivePoint High School, we offer personalized attention and support to each student to help them achieve their academic goals.

6. Celebrate successes

Recognize and celebrate student achievements throughout the summer school program. This can include acknowledging completed assignments, reaching academic milestones, or demonstrating improvement. Celebrating successes can boost student morale and encourage continued effort. At ThrivePoint High School, we recognize student achievements and encourage them to continue striving for success.

7. Communicate regularly with parents

Regular communication with parents is essential to keep them informed about their child’s progress. Provide updates on student performance, attendance, and behavior. This can also help parents provide additional support at home. At ThrivePoint High School, we maintain regular communication with parents to ensure that they are informed and involved in their child’s academic progress.

At ThrivePoint High School, we understand the importance of summer school in helping students achieve their academic goals. Our summer school program offers a variety of courses and a supportive learning environment to help students stay on track. We also provide personalized attention and support to each student to ensure their success.

Ready to enroll in our summer school program? Call us now at (602) 769-3036. Our admissions team is available to answer any questions you may have and help you get started. With ThrivePoint High School, your student can thrive in summer school and beyond.