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7 Most Common Questions Parents Ask Teachers About Virtual School

7 Most Common Questions Parents Ask Teachers About Virtual School

Oct 27, 2021 | Career and College-Readiness

Developing a good relationship with your child’s teachers in a virtual high school is just as critical as in a traditional school setting. To get communication off on the right foot and ensure everyone is on the same page, there are some questions you should ask the teachers at the free virtual high school.

Does the Curriculum Follow Common Core?

Today, most schools follow the common core curriculum, giving students a uniform method of learning. An accredited virtual high school should follow this curriculum, so your child can move seamlessly from middle school to high school.

Are You Available for Extra Help?

While some students manage virtual high school courses just fine themselves, others need more personalized attention. In addition, there may come a time when your student has questions about their work. It’s essential to know when your child’s teacher is available and how much individual attention they can offer.

How Involved Do Parents Need to Be?

A virtual online high school should be relatively independent. However, parents are often expected to play a role in their child’s education as well. This role varies from school to school, making this an essential question to ask, so you know what’s expected of you.

Do Credits Transfer?

Whether your child previously attended a traditional high school or you’re just trying out a virtual high school as a trial, it’s critical to know if your child’s credits will transfer if needed. Even if you don’t think your child will need it, this is an important question to ask.

Can an Advanced Student Move Forward Faster?

Some children simply learn faster than others. If your child is one of them, it can be helpful to ask their teacher about the pacing. Find out whether your child is allowed to move on when they’re ready. Many accredited virtual high schools provide advanced classes and ensure children can move at whatever pace makes them comfortable.

Do You Work with IEPs?

Children with learning disabilities and other challenges may have an IEP that provides certain allowances based on their needs. While these are commonly used in traditional school settings, you will need to ask your child’s teacher in a virtual online school whether they follow these plans and what accommodations they can make.

Can Students Socialize with Others?

Our curriculum is self-paced and it is not organized with daily class sessions. Our students can work at any time of the day to complete their coursework. There is a collaborative work session that students can interact with other students and teachers during the week if needed. Every week there will be a special guest speaking on behalf of a college, vocational, military, or entry into the professional workforce. We want our students As the online leader in online education, we encourage student participation/engagement with our staff as much as possible. Our online staff is dedicated and committed to the students/parents, and we want them to have the best online experience possible.

Socialization is a critical aspect of the high school experience. However, it can be challenging when attending high school virtually. Ask the teacher if your child has the freedom to socialize during classes. It can also be beneficial to ask about other options to encourage socialization in the virtual environment.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in virtual high school courses, contact us to speak with our team about these and other questions you may have.