Thrive Point Grovers Campus!!

Thrive Point Grovers Campus!!

Nov 22, 2021 | Career and College-Readiness

This week at the Grover’s Campus we gave thanks to our family, friends and pets, we had a time to play some football with the kids, made a list of what we are grateful and having our traditional thanksgiving dinner/lunch with our students. At Grovers we continue to share our success and more students are joining our campus. All students are engaged in the classes they are finishing classes with good grades.  We will continue to grow and provide a positive and safe environment for our students. The Grovers campus is about engaging and promoting our student’s strengths and allowing them to become accountable for their classwork with the guidance and help from me.

ThrivePoint Grovers Campus is NOW OPEN and ready for YOUR student to attend our school.  Our lab is open Monday thru Thursday from 8:30 am -12:30pm. Students will be working with yours truly. I will provide additional assistance while they are here working with an amazing online teachers. Our students are working 2 classes at a time, they complete these 2 classes every six weeks.  Students will be working in a safe environment with other students.

ThrivePoint Grovers Campus has open enrollment your student can enroll anytime throughout the year. We have one- on- one success coaches to support your teen.  Classes are small online and our labs also provide that one-on-one support.  Students are creating their own schedules they can come to our Grovers Campus at least twice a week or the entire week to help them get back on the track for graduation.

Stop by the ThivePoint Grovers Campus come and tour and meet me and our team.

Melinda Vazquez