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Attending An Alternative Online High School in Bullhead City, AZ

High school is often a challenging time for students and parents in and around Bullhead, AZ. Students may struggle with attendance, have challenges with the curriculum, or find the pace of a traditional classroom too slow for their needs. For these students, attending an alternative online high school program at ThrivePoint High School can be the ideal solution.

At ThrivePoint High School, we offer several options for students and their families considering a free high school online. As we are a charter school, all our virtual online high school courses are 100% tuition free. Teens and young adults can attend these courses and earn their high school diplomas online for free up to their twenty-second birthday.

All the courses we offer, starting with our online school 9th grade programs through to our online education for class 12 are fully accredited. This means they meet and exceed the standards required by the Arizona Department of Education, ensuring that after graduation, our students receive an official high school diploma.

Students may start our virtual school in 9th grade, or they can enter the 10th-class online study program or the 11th-grade online school. They can choose to take one year or all three years through our online high school, with the option to return to a traditional classroom at the end of any online school year.

Credit Recovery Programs

The Basics of Online Schooling for High School Students

Our accredited high school online courses are provided to students in either online formats or students have access to the materials through our Centers for Learning Excellence.

The Centers for Learning Excellence are also available for students in and around the Bullhead City, AZ, area to meet face-to-face with certified teachers and student success coaches or to join in special events, support groups, and extracurricular activities. Students can also use the resources available on these campuses or access all the tools and resources 100% virtually.

The one-on-one teacher support of our virtual learning courses is a benefit for all our students. Through the self-paced, 6-week learning periods, students and parents can get help with challenges, review their progress, and evaluate and assess their overall academic plan.

Options for Online Learning

In addition to our alternative online high school that follows the same calendar as the traditional school, we also offer different options for students to recover credits or accelerate their learning and graduate early.

Throughout June, July, and August, ThrivePoint High School offers summer online classes. High school students can attend these 100% virtual classes to reduce the time it takes to graduate or to complete a course they may have missed throughout the traditional academic year.

Our credit recovery courses are available year-round, allowing students in Bullhead City, AZ, to take courses to make up for missing credits. These free online courses include both core and electives and are available at no cost for anyone up to their 22nd birthday.

For more details on free high school online, contact our enrollment specialists at 602-769-3036.

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