ThrivePoint High School is following all CDC guidelines to keep our students and staff safe.

You will also need to provide copies or originals of the following:

  • Proof of Residency
  • Civics Test Scores
  • Withdrawal Form from Previous School (ARS 15-827)
  • Immunization Records (ARS 15-872)
  • Unofficial Transcript (ARS 15-828)
    • Enrollment will not be prohibited without transcripts, but classes may not be determined without one
  • Discipline Record (official document verifying student has not been expelled)
    • ARS 15-184: ThrivePoint High School has a district policy to honor and uphold the expulsions of another school or district
  • 8th Grade Certificate (If Applicable)
    • ARS 15-701: Student will not be denied enrollment if they cannot produce 8th grade certificate
  • Copy of Custody Arrangement (if Applicable) (ARS 15-821)
  • Student’s Proof of Identity and Age
    • Including one of the following: birth certificate, student’s baptismal certificate, an application for a social security number, a letter from the authorized representative of an agency having custody of the pupil pursuant to Title 8, Chapter 2 certifying that the pupil has been placed in the custody of the agency as prescribed by law.

Please Note – Once enrollment packet has been completed and documentation has been submitted, a new student orientation will be scheduled for the parents/guardian and the incoming student.  At the time of orientation, parent/guardian will need to complete the following forms:

  • Attendance Profile
  • Medication Administration Form
  • Documentation of Varicella (Chickenpox) Disease or Immunization
  • Student Record Request Form
  • PHLOTE Form (Language Survey)
  • Race and Ethnicity Data Collection
  • Confidential Student Information
  • McKinney – Vento Program – Intake Form
  • Arizona Residency Documentation Form
  • Guidelines to Determine Eligible Students (NCLB) Form

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